White Noise is an aerospace engineering team that was founded by NTUA students in 2017. Our main goal is to enhance enhance knowlegde and share our passion about space.

Currently, we are developing project Cronos, the first open-source Hybrid-Fueled sounding rocket in Greece under the auspices of Libre Space Foundation (LSF). The team collaborates closely with Libre Space Foundation to develop the sounding rocket in an open and participatory manner.

In 2017-2018, we designed and manufactured DrillSat that won the 1st prize in CanSat In Greece competition. In 2018-2019, we developed Projects Daedalus and Icarus, with our team becoming the first ever Greek team to reach the world finals of CanSat Competition. Daedalus ranked 4th out of 93 teams worldwide and Icarus won the 2nd prize in CanSat in Greece 2019.

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